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            Online Self-Recommendation

            Post Application Form

            Post Applied For
            Expected Date of Report Duty

            I. Personal Information (Items with “*” are important and compulsory.)

            *Name (Same as ID card):
             Alias/ Foreign Name:
            Male Female
            *Ethnic Group:
            *ID/Passport No.:
             Political Status:
            *Date of Birth:
             Social Organization:
             Place of Birth:
            *Marital Status:
            *Height (CM):
            *Existing Children:
            *Weight (KG):
             Domicile Address:
            *Current Address:
             Domicile Type:
             Housing Status:
             Current Salary:
             Expected Salary:

            II. Educational Background (From highest background to high school)

            Name of School:
            Time Period (Y/M):
            Background Type:
            Entrance Examination Others

            III. Working Experience (Start with most recent job)

            Name of Employer:
            Working Period ( Y/M):
            Post before Demission:
            Reason for Demission:
            Name & Telephone of Direct    Supervisor:
            HR Contact/Telephone:

            IV. Training Experience (Training party, program, certificate and time)

            Training Time:
            Training Program &    Certificate Obtained:
            Training Party:

            V. Others

            1、Do you have history of infectious diseases, depression, anxiety, metal diseases or other critical diseases? Any operations with in recent two years?
            2、Do you have any administrative detention, re-education through labor or criminal punishment records?
            3、Do you have any relative (spouse, parent, child, brother or sister, parents-in-low) or boyfriend (girlfriend) working at Sunglow Group or Sunglow suppliers, agents or clients.

            I hereby promise that: all information filled herein is true, and if there’s any false information on my resume after being employed by Sunglow, I shall unconditionally accept sanction from the company including severing labor relationship. And, I hereby agree and authorize Sunglow Group or a trusted third party to check the authenticity of personal information with my last employer, for which Sunglow bears no legal responsibility.