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            Group Introduction

            Shanghai Sunglow Investment (Group) Co., Ltd (shorted as: Sunglow Group) is a comprehensive grand corporate group including several notable listed companies. With a total capital scale of 40 billion RMB, Sunglow Group is now holding several listed large-scale companies in the industries such as ship & marine industry, real-estate development and cultural industry; meanwhile, it is also striving for development in the fields of medical care & retirement; commercial hotels; overseas investment; energy industry, financial capital, agricultural development, Construction Engineering, etc.

            Sunglow Group sticks to the idea of experience and perseverance, and after years of practice, it has made great achievement in each field and has now entered the phase of steady development. Sunglow aims for new breakthroughs in the environment protection and the urbanization development fields.

            With full application of the group resources and the advantages, Sunglow endeavors to become a trusted, respected, powerful international group company, and to usher in a new age for massive corporate development.