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            Sunglow Culture

            Cold Winter; Merry Christmas!


            On December 25, 2014, sponsored by the Administrative Headquarters of the Group, the Christmas event featuring “who has the best luck” was held by the employees spontaneously. Marvelous Christmas trees, shiny color lights and other decorations had been so impressive, and the Christmas atmosphere was so warm and cozy.  

            Delicately decorated Christmas trees bring cozy festive atmosphere.

            On the event, everyone wore red elements. At first glace, it was seemingly a sea of fire. 

            A leader from the Administrative Headquarters makes a speech on site and delivers his wishes.

            On behalf of President Chen Jianjun, Chen Yufei, director of Administrative Headquarters, prepares delicious birthday cake and blessing for those employees born in December and January, along with swaying candles, clapping sound and the melody of happy birthday song. 

            “Birthday employees” share the cake with everybody.

            After delicious cake, they exchanged gifts with the flower-passing game to decide grouping. And they gave their gifts and written Christmas cards to colleagues.

            Employees round up for the flower-passing game.

            The event ended with lots of laughter and ended up a great success. Sunglow sunshine radiates on the employees who has created a caring, harmonious team culture.